Vintage Electronics is dedicated to supplying parts for the maintenance of phonograph and juke box turntables; both automatic and manual types. All brands and all models. We do not do any repairs.  We supply parts only. 
Following are the specific parts supplied by category for phonographs and juke boxes:
CARTRIDGES: All types - Crystal, ceramic, magnetic;exacts, and substitutes
STYLI (NEEDLES) All types for any cartridge - Osmium, sapphire and diamond tips.
Almost all of the products required to maintain Vintage Electronic equipment outlined above is no longer manufactured.  We supply what is commonly referred to as "new old stock"  in many cases.
We want you to let us do the searching for what you need - Our web site does not make any attempt to give you all the data required for you to have to search and try and find what you need - that is the reason we want you to let us do the work of determining what you need.  You give us the basics and we will give you the right part for the application.
These are the requirements on your part to help us give you the exact item you need:
CARTRIDGE - Best possible: Manufacturers name and any numbers found on the cartridge itself - 2nd best: Brand name and Model no# of unit - If none of the preceding is available, send us the old cartridge via US Mail in a small protective box and we will identify and advise  cost and delivery.
STYLUS (NEEDLE) - Same exact data as for the cartridge.
It is understood that if you know the manufactures stock number on any of the above that would be all that is necessary - The preceding information is for those who do not know the stock number of the item required.
We normally fill 99% of all requests and ship within 5 days of receipt of order